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ACT Prep Testing

Coaching and Preparation
ACT scores equal money! Scholarship dollars ride on ACT scores and many colleges require certain scores for entrance. But the fact is that many homeschool students haven't had much experience with time-pressure tests. The instructor will help prepare students by:

  • Overview of the subjects

  • How does one manage the timing aspect of the test

  • When to guess and when not to guess at answers on the test

  • How to guess strategically

Grade 8: Explore
The EXPLORE® program is designed to help eighth and ninth graders explore a broad range of options for their future. It prepares students not only for their high school coursework but for their post–high school choices as well. EXPLORE can serve as an independent program or as the entry point into ACT's College and Career Readiness System.

Grade 10: Plan
The PLAN® program helps 10th graders build a solid foundation for future academic and career success and provides information needed to address school districts' high-priority issues. It is a comprehensive guidance resource that helps students measure their current academic development, explore career/training options, and make plans for the remaining years of high school and post-graduation years. PLAN can help all students—those who are college-bound as well as those who are likely to enter the workforce directly after high school. PLAN serves as the midpoint measure of academic progress in ACT's College and Career Readiness System.

The cost for the coaching and preparation is $45/student plus the actual fees for the ACT practice test. 

Two half-day sessions. An informational meeting will be held Sept. 11 at 6:30 PM and the schedule for the ACP prep coaching will be set at that meeting according to student needs.

Ken Rannow, MA in Guidance & Counseling, 20 years of experience coaching ACT prep.

Information: 320-309-1382  Registration: 218-828-9660


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